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"I have installed a Feumat system in my service vehicle for over a year. The system is installed in my vehicle and coupled to the nitrogen bottle, so that I only work on site with customers, i.e. mobile. The system was introduced to me personally by Mr. Zeuner and the advantages explained. I was particularly impressed by the time savings and the higher level of cleanliness when testing. Working in the vehicle has become much cleaner because it is a closed system. The extinguisher is also emptied better than with the conventional lance of the powder suction machine. In addition, the installation of the Feumat has changed the space, you now have shorter distances. In other words: all you have to do is turn around inside the vehicle. I can check more fire extinguishers during this time because I can take care of checking the fittings, the hose and other work while the suction is running. But it is not only the ease of work that is an advantage, because I can also check more. With well over a thousand fire extinguishers that I have to service each year, this is already noticeable. In addition, the containers are cleaner than before and can therefore be examined better and faster. Since no malfunctions have occurred since then, I can definitely recommend the Feumat to other specialist dealers."
Welsh Fire Protection Service

Canada - united States - mexico


Located in Germany, Feumat is a leading innovator of dry chemical system technology including filling systems for handheld fire extinguishers, wheeled fire extinguishers, and very large capacity dry chemical systems on board vehicles and maritime vessels and inside of industrial facilities. The Feumat idea for automated fire extinguishing powder handling originated in 2002 and following three and a half years of development the first system was released in 2005.  Feumat systems are in use on four continents including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  More information about Feumat can be found here

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