Following a spate of incidents around the world over the last decade, Sierra 5 Fire Systems was created with the vision to assist fire services and the dry chemical fire suppression system industry with mitigating some of the most common challenges with dry chemical systems today.

In a constantly changing and challenging business world we will always be here to provide our clients with unmatched customer service. Our goal is to assist our clients in providing the safest work environment for those on the front lines of fighting fires.



The Set V system was developed by Feumat. Located in Germany, Feumat is a leading innovator of dry chemical system technology including filling systems for handheld fire extinguishers, wheeled fire extinguishers, and very large capacity dry chemical systems on board vehicles and maritime vessels and inside of industrial facilities. The Feumat idea for automated fire extinguishing powder handling originated in 2002 and following three and a half years of development the first system was released in 2005.  Feumat systems are in use on four continents including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  More information about Feumat can be found here 


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